Your Personal Mission Statement

Your Personal Mission Statement

Your personal mission statement should be a powerful, one sentence declaration showing your commitment to a certain value and/or action. This statement will set a powerful intention for your year. A mission statement is something that exists in the present tense that you will carry for a duration of time.

Unlike a vision statement that forecasts your commitment to the future.


Eg. In 2015 I’m committed to growth in all areas of my life and leading myself and others while maintaining focus on what’s most important.


In this example, growth is the value that is held. Throughout the year the underlying tone of […] Read more

How to Make the Best Decision

How to Make the Best Decision

What is the wise thing to do based on:


1) Past experiences

2) Current situation

3) future hopes and dreams


What is the Wise thing to do?  In life and business we face many important decisions or choices everyday.  Some decisions are fairly simple and don’t have a significant impact others are far more meaningful and could effect years to come.


I was watching a talk given by Andy Stanley the other day.  He is someone I admire and respect as a teacher/leader/husband.  His talk was based around decision making. His premise helped simplify the often complex and challenging decision making process down to a […] Read more