3 Essential Ways of Being

3 Essential Ways of Being

In my struggle to become a better leader, manager, and husband I’ve come to learn the importance of 3 Essential ways of Being:

1) Be Painfully Clear in my Communication
-to avoid mis communication
-to ensure expectations have been met
-maintain focus on a task or project

2) Be Attentive and Present to the Most Important Action (Not what I’m most excited about)
-Anything that is significant requires attention
-Understanding the consequences for not attending to something
-Discern where not to over attend to a situation

3) Be Patient
-You can’t conquer the world in 1 day
-Everyday you build.  It is a process.  Productive actions and small wins add up day after day
-Everyday is an opportunity and doesn’t need to be a perfect 10 out of 10.  All is not lost if there is a set back, mistake or challenge.  Sometimes you have to take a step or two back before going forward.

How are you at these ways of being? Which area do you find most difficult?