The Necessity of Self Reflection

The Necessity of Self Reflection

Are you dialed in? Have you every been going so fast, focusing on the next thing without slowing down and looking at what is happening around you?  This is one of my biggest areas of opportunities.  I’ve been so disciplined and focused on a goal to stop and look to see if I’m missing something or if my activities are the most efficient.  I’ve been in the boat of “busy” and feeling energetically drained without being productive.

Often in business we look at ways to grow. We look to maximize the revenue. A common issue arises when we focus so much on growth that we forget to look at things like our expenses and costs. Was that decision really worth it?

The same can happen in life.  We can get wrapped up in just going through the motions without stopping to look at why are we doing something or what is actually happening based on our activities.

Whether we are looking at our business or our life we need to have a high level of self awareness. As I’ve discussed before, Jim Rohn’s statement that if failing to learn from experience it devastating. If we never stop to see the learning in our failures how will we be able to fix things and continue moving forward.

Do you have a routine or method for “checking in”? Entrepreneurs have a tendency to neglect the introspective aspects as new ideas and creative energy dominate their mindspace. The navy seals have a saying “Slow runs smooth and smooth runs fast”. Being aware of everything that is happening in your life and business may seem like it takes time, effort and intention. And yes it does. But being aware of what is happening will allow you to make the necessary tweaks to make things more efficient. When things are operating more efficiently they will run smoother and thus faster.

Reflection can allow us to live more proactively rather than reactively.  To a be a leader in any aspect you must first learn to manage yourself.  For me that is often the biggest challenge.  To grow and get better in any capacity it is essential to value and practice self reflection.


Awareness Challenge- If you have yet to incorporate at least one moment in your day to “check in” it’s time to make that happen.

Open up your calendar and schedule a time each day for the next week when you will be slowing down and reflecting. (Reflecting can happen in your mind or with a Journal…I would recommend journaling to keep track of things)

Here are a few questions to ask yourself during your reflection time.

  • How did I spend my time today? Was I efficient? Was I just keeping busy? Was their any activity I should have delegated? Did I spend time on what was most important rather than what I was most excited about. Are you productive or just busy?
  • Who did I spend time with today? Did they help you grow? Did they challenge you. Do they make you better?
  • What did you make and what did you spend? It’s great to make a lot of money, but if you don’t keep any of it, it is all pointless. Do you have a financial plan? Are you following it?
  • Are you in Gratitude? What are you thankful for? Being in gratitude is a great way to become present.
  • Are you Healthy? If you are sick, stressed, eating poorly, your body will feel it. How can you perform at an optimal level if you are not aware of your physical self.

If you have any Self Reflection Practices I’d love to hear them.  This is an area I’m really working on myself and would really appreciate any insight.