What do you Value?

What do you Value?

In order to create a vision and make wise decisions a foundation of values must be established. Our values will predict our priorities. Certain overall values are consistent in all humans, weighing heavier in certain areas and lighter in others. In Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within”, he describes 6 Values that exist to some extent in all humans.

  • Certainty

-Is it not true that we require some sort of certainty in our life.   For some people they require certainty. When we take an action we expect a specific result. People who require a lot of control in their life put a lot of value into certainty.

  • Uncertainty

-Along with certainty we require uncertainty. There is an amount of surprise and unknown that is necessary. Entrepreneurs and extreme athletes represent a few individuals who value uncertainty. Doing the same thing with an expected result would frustrate these types of people.

  • Significance

-To some extent we all require feeling significant. Some people have this as their predominant value and will do anything to feel significant. Putting too much value on significance can be a dangerous thing. Valuing significance can lead to making decisions based on ego. Significance can be a strong motivator, but can result in superficial outcomes.

  • Love

-All humans require love. Those who value it heavily are not as likely to be as insecure. Outward, surface level people pleasing is not necessary for humans with high value in giving and receiving love.

  • Growth

-As we discussed before, humans are dynamic. We are either growing or dying. Individuals who value growth are often very intrinsically motivated.

  • Contribution

-Do you think about the legacy you will leave? If you focus your energy and time into giving back; whether to others, the community or environment, you value contribution.

Along with these “Human Values” we have Personal values. These are more specific, but also fall under one of the 6 Human values. Which of these 6 values do you see as most important in your life? Along with these human values what are your personal values. It is extremely necessary in business and in relationships to share values and even if there are differences it is importance to be empathetic and understand other’s values and work to alignment.



1) Rate yourself out of 5 on each human value: Where are your highest scores?

What does this mean? How do you fulfill those human values? Do you have a “Why” behind these values?


2) List 5 Personal Values: Take a look at your mission statement; look at where you want to be in the future; Write down these values as they will make up the decision-making foundation.